supercute is a superpower!

it’s that twinkle in your eye and your charming supersticky vibe that’s kinda magic. oh la la it’s superbliss!


 adj - su·​per | \ ˈsü-pər  \ ​1. of high grade or quality 2. very large or powerful 
ie. super atomic bomb


 adj. - \ ˈkyüt  \ 1. clever or shrewd 2. pretty in a childish or delicate way 3. obviously straining for effect 
cute is often used to describe a person or thing that is attractive yet superficial. but let’s tilt the angle and use the powerful magnetism of cute to tell stories, to educate and to inform. we are instinctually drawn to it. by enhancing certain features and using carefully curated colour palettes, audiences become empathetic and are naturally receptive to their seemingly harmless nature. let’s create and share healthy, happy and memorable experiences together.
xoxoxo catchoo