hei niao
Say hellohei niao to hei niao hei nao is a chirpy and upbeat bird with a beautiful singing voice. She loves to sing pretty melodies and often gets lost in her own world, singing whatever comes to mind. However, she also has a habit of singing her thoughts out loud, which can sometimes be quirky, awkward, or even painfully truthful.
Cheddar Burns
Say helloCheddar Burns to Cheddar Burns Cheddar Burns is a quiet and introverted cat who prefers to keep to herself. She is notoriously skittish and tends to run away when people try to interact with her, although she does enjoy watching people from a distance. Despite her shyness, Cheddar Burns is also curious and playful, and she often watches the other catchoo characters from afar, wishing she could join in the fun.
Say helloCrimson to Crimson She is like a speck of dust that floats through the air. She breathes dreams like air, always in the mindframe of pure bliss. Her carefree nature may have you wondering how a person could be so chill.
Say helloGrool to Grool This is a really grumpy ghoul and one of the oldest surviving ones in the afterLife. But if you get him in a chatty mood, he’s one story after another. In his former life he was a fashion designer and this love of creative expression stayed with him and from what we can see he’s quite artistic.
Fei Fei
Say helloFei Fei to Fei Fei Fei Fei is the ghost with the most with an a+ vibe.
He is quite thoughtful and ethical for a fun loving spirit. He leads the afterlife advice column club where him and friends gather to discuss and answer questions on human experiences, relationships, health and other interesting topics. They've lived through this all so they're the best for the job!
Truffles & Love Potion No.9
Say helloTruffles & Love Potion No.9 to Truffles & Love Potion No.9 You'll never catch Truffles without Love Potion No. 9! Without his potion in hand Truffles feels lost, anxious and jittery. With love potion number 9 Truffles can be completely himself. He's chatty, outgoing and charming. He's not afraid to go against the grain and stand up for what's right.
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