hungry monster
Say hellohungry monster to hungry monster Just like Yellow Guy, Hungry Monster's language is indiscernible. His name comes from the fact that no matter what they're doing or where they are, he's eating. For something so small, he puts Omgee's eating to shame!
Say helloBanjo to Banjo Banjo grew up down South so you might hear a slight country twang when he's around. Despite his name, he actually can't play any instruments (his arms are too short) but he'll always join in if there's a song to be sung. When Banjo faces a scary force his flight, fight or freeze kicks in and more of than not it's a freeze. He hollers at the top of his lungs to alert his friends of approaching danger and that he needs their help - quick!
Say hellocollecti to collecti collecti doesn't miss a thing (he may as well have eyes on the back of his head). Some may describe him is prickly and unapproachable, which can be true but beneath his tough eye-filled exterior he's a sweet guy, always looking out for his friends.
Say helloSlicklick to Slicklick Slicklick seemingly sleepwalks through life, licking his way through the world. Although small and drowsy, his sticky saliva makes it impossible for predators to escape. He's an irreplaceable part of the catchooniverse, even if he's constantly walking into walls and his friends.
Yellow Guy
Say helloYellow Guy to Yellow Guy Yellow Guy is just as mysterious as his name implies. No one is quite sure where he came from and since he speaks in gibberish no one can be certain what his name is (hence Yellow Guy). Monster is a loose term when it comes to Yellow Guy as there's really nothing scary about him. He spends most of his days slowing moving through the catchooniverse, laughing with his friends and hugging all who approach.
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