welcome to the catchooniverse, a friendly space that welcomes the child within us and connects to others through our core values of authenticity, acceptance and courage.

Introducing Catchoo!

Meet the Artist Behind it All

catchoo is a Canadian-born Chinese Indonesian artist who grew up in Southern Ontario. As a young tomboy, she began collecting stickers and trading them with others. As an adult, she continues to collect, curate and create stickers. Her love for stickers and creativity led to art being her primary outlet for expression, connecting to her inner child and life purpose.

catchoo often felt misunderstood and lonely throughout her life, leading her down a path of teenage rebellion and anger, ultimately masking her deep philosophical search for the feeling of love and true acceptance. catchoo brings a unique approach to street art – creating an inclusive brand with friendly values juxtaposed with grunge street settings throughout the city. catchoo started as a sticker bombing artist and launched an art collection called Love Bomb with paintings, upcycled clothing, t-shirts, stickers, & accessories. Her most popular items are her superstickers, which are adored by all ages. Her art is a reflection of her own journey towards self-acceptance and self-love, two parallel paths that she hopes to guide others on. Through her creations, she hopes to offer that same compassion and comfort to others who may feel lost, uncertain, or different.

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