Earth animals

Say helloSourpussy to Sourpussy Sourpussy is as unpredictable as Choo-Choo Bomb. At any moment she could explode! The best way to ensure Sourpussy stays positive is to let her approach you. If you wake her up from a cat nap or disturb her before he morning stretch - watch out! Despite being unpredictable in nature, she knows what's right and wrong. Even in the worst mood she makes the right decisions to help her friends.
Say helloSniff to Sniff Sniff can sense an insincere person from a mile away. His nose will twitch, his ears will perk up and his eye dart around when he sense a fake person in his midst. He can see through any guise and is the gateway into the earth animal group. If Sniff doesn't like you, you're out. note: can't use this for sniff's personality... this world is about acceptance and no judgements.XXX replace with "sniff has an unusally keen sense of smell. he has unearthed numerous amounts of treasures from the earth. like a metal detector but better because he's so lucky! he is care free and lives for leisure."
Say helloFoxy to Foxy Fox is a bashful girl. She's on the search for her one true love but can't help but find love in everyone she meets. She is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet and something about her demeanor makes you feel warm and understood. You'll often find her cuddled up to her friends, sticking close and staying warm.
atomic bird
Say helloatomic bird to atomic bird Bird feels like he doesn't deserve the name. He can barely fly further than a few feet off the ground. As a young peep he felt extremely saddened and left out by his lack of flight but after meeting his friends in the catchooniverse, he finally feels at peace with his inability to fly far. He sticks close to his friends to get around and pops into the sky when they need a birds eye view. He finally feels needed.
Say hellofiggy to figgy Horse comes from the sea and loves everything nautical. If he could have stayed underwater he would have but he felt a deep calling toward the catchooniverse. When he's not with his friends you'll find him mediating in any pool he can find. He likes to feel grounded and free at the same time and loves to share his meditative practices with anyone who will indulge him.
Say helloBibibunny to Bibibunny Bibibunny is an exuberant bunny made entirely of rainbows and passion. Her vibrant colors and cheerful demeanor often make her stand out in a crowd, but she doesn't mind the attention. While she may initially come across as aloof or unbothered, she's actually quite friendly and loves to make new friends.
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