Say helloCuke to Cuke Cuke is cool, calm and collected. You'll be hard pressed to find something that gets his temperature rising. His presence is actually quite calming, especially on a hot summer day. He's a chill dude inside and out.
Say helloBeet to Beet Beet is quick and resourceful. If you blink you might miss him and his super speed. He also has the strength of an elephant, which is surprising for such a little dude. There isn't an adventure or task that he'll say no to. If you need his help, he's on his way before you can even ask. That's just the kind of friend he is.
Say helloBadu to Badu Badu feels different from the other girls and doesn't exactly know why. She feels she's not as vibrant or as fun as Leeloo and has none of the healing energy of Gingeroo. She may think she's lesser than the rest but her friends appreciate her calm and articulate nature. If they didn't know any better they'd think she was a bookworm. She knows everything about anything, you just have to ask her!
Say helloLeeloo to Leeloo Leeloo has a childlike spirit that is infectious and some might call her a Social Butterfly. She's bubbly and in some ways naive but the way she sees the world is through rose coloured glasses. She brings an air of positivity and excitement wherever she goes. If you need to liven up a room, she's your girl!
Say helloGingeroo to Gingeroo Gingeroo has a healing spirit and energy that is indescribable. When she's around it's impossible to feel ill or uncomfortable, her mere presence soothes the soul. Beautifully intelligent is how her friends would describe her. She's approachable and warm but will flutter away when she feels someone somewhere else needs her. and sees her sharing her healing spirit like fun work.
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