Love Bomb

Say helloBob to Bob Bob is a small, unassuming creature who prefers to blend in with his surroundings. He is sneaky and can move with stealth when he needs to. Despite his unremarkable exterior, Bob is actually quite powerful and has saved the day many times from behind the scenes.
Say helloLove to Love Love has been kicked around, beat up, and even trampled on in their life, but she always rises above it all with a warm smile on her face. From the moment Love entered the world, she felt different. She found herself alone and abandoned, left to navigate the world on her own. Love has faced the world with bravery, in search of that feeling she so desperately has missed.
Say helloBLow to BLow BLow is a cheerful and carefree guy. He is known for being aloof and having his head in the clouds, often losing focus and becoming easily distracted. BLow is a bright and lively addition to any room he enters. His infectious energy brings relief and joy to those around him.
Say helloBoobee to Boobee Boobee is a small creature, no bigger than a peanut, wrapped in a cocoon of her own design. She is protective of her energy and only allows those she trusts to come near her. Boobee is a transitional being, undergoing metamorphosis from time to time to grow and develop.
Choo-choo Bomb
Say helloChoo-choo Bomb to Choo-choo Bomb Choo-choo Bomb is always on the go, reminding everyone around them that time is of the essence. Thanks to their explosive nature, Choo-choo Bomb lives in the moment, making the most out of every opportunity presented to them.
Say helloEyecry to Eyecry Eyecry is a wise and watchful character who serves as the guiding sun in the sky. With an all-knowing intuition, Eyecry is highly protective of those around them, often going above and beyond to keep others safe and reminds them that balance in life is key.
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