supercute holographic supersticker *u*

By catchoo

supercute and supersticky! weeeee! sticking this five star holographic supersticker is the easiest way to add your own unique supercute charm to your life, ride, crib, tools, walls, water bottles, electronics, storage, suitcases and toys. no joke the best quality sticker with a ridiculously supersticky adhesive and supreme colour that does not fade.

figgy is a horse that has hyper-naturally evolved into a new species. non-gmo 😉 they are lightning fast and wants to challenge sonic the hedgehog in a race around the world. they love to play and eat all day long! their motto: the little things that make us different are the things that make us supercute.

“i’m purple ffs! i am pretty sure i have royal ancestry 😌 i am supercute! u r supercute!  let’s delight in all our supercuteness together 😍

~ 3x1" sticker

~ designed and packaged in canada, printed in usa